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Dave’s Balloon Modelling Middlesbrough is a specialist in balloon modelling & balloon animals for children’s parties and events. I’m based in Middlesbrough and cover many areas in Teesside, including Stockton-on-Tees, Thornaby-on-Tees, Norton, Redcar, Yarm & more. I can travel to almost any location to provide entertainment for your child’s party or event. If you are interested in hiring me to make your child’s birthday that little bit more special you can contact me directly.

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Customer review for Dave’s Balloon Modelling.
Dave’s Balloon Modelling made our daughters birthday party a wonderful day. Everyone was queuing up to see what he could make next. The flowers were fun but the monkey in a tree stole the show. Thanks again, I would love to see you back next year!

What? Children’s Birthday Party Entertainment |
When? 25/10/2014 |
Score 5 / 5 stars

What is Balloon Modelling?

Balloon Modelling, or balloon twisting as it is sometimes known, is the art of creating animals or other shapes from balloons. Dave’s Balloon Modelling is proud to showcase a range of balloon animals and other sculptures, such as flowers or swords. We use high quality balloons sourced from reliable manufactures.

What can I make with Balloon Modelling?

Monkey in a Tree
Parrot an a Swing

Child Safety

I am committed to the safety of children. I am fully CRB checked, fully insured for public liability, and have attended basic first aid training. This is all to keep children safe at family events and parties. I use non-toxic, child safe balloons for all my models however they are unsuitable for small children and babies due to a potential chocking hazard if swallowed. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding safety. Check out my birthday parties page for more birthday party ideas.

  • Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Checked
  • Basic First Aid Training
  • Public Liability Insurance

What are the Qualatex® balloons made of?

I use the best quality balloons for all my balloon modelling and balloon animals. I only use Qualatex® 260Q 100% latex balloons for all my balloon modelling. These balloons are sturdy enough to last for quite a long time before deflating and are biodegradable. I choose Qualatex® balloons because they are as child proof as possible. The thick latex of the balloon means that they will stay inflated and last long after the birthday party is over. The latex is also non-toxic to make sure that children are safe to play with them. The balloons are never inflated with harmful gasses as we make child safety a priority.

  • Qualatex Balloons

Do Latex balloon harm the environment?

Latex balloons are produced from the milky sap of the rubber tree and are Earth-friendly! The latex is collected in buckets as it drips from harmless cuts in the bark. Latex discourages deforestation because latex-producing trees are left intact. A tree can produce latex for up to 40 years!

Latex is a biodegradable natural substance that breaks down both in sunlight and water. Latex balloons can break down almost as fast as an oak leaf!

  • Protecting the Environment

Are latex balloons safe for my children?

Dave’s Balloon Modelling is committed to child safety. It is important that parents be aware of the potential suffocation hazard balloons pose — young children may choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. At birthday parties and events I recommend adult supervision at all times. All uninflated balloons should be kept away from children and broken balloons should be disposed of at once.

  • Child Safety

What do I do if I am allergic to latex?

Latex allergies present a moderate to serious health problem for a very small percentage of the population. Reactions to naturally produced latex may range from minor skin irritations to reactions so severe that immediate emergency medical treatment is required. If you, your children or any guests at your event are allergic to latex please inform Dave’s Balloon Modelling before booking the event. Unfortunately we can NOT be responsible for the care of children and adult supervision is required.

If you or a child present at a birthday party or event show signs of a rash or irritation after handling a balloon model please seek immediate medical advice from a doctor or trained medial professional. Always play safe with Balloons.

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